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88 MD is a window system made of PVC profiles with 7 chambers and three levels of sealing.

88 MD is a window system made of PVC profiles with 7 chambers and three levels of sealing. The installation depth of 88 mm for PVC profiles means the beginning of a new construction dimension, oriented towards the design wishes of modern architecture that expects a close connection between aesthetic perfection and the highest functional and technological results.

Sound insulation is extremely important for health and a sense of comfort in a modern space. With the 88 MD series window, noise that can be harmful to health remains outside. Innovative sealing technology, plus soundproof glass, ensures a peaceful and quiet living environment, even along busy roads, near airports, railways or industrial plants.

With the windows of the 88 MD series, a large and exciting area of modern architecture opens up, in which it is possible to perform demanding constructions with a very narrow optical width of the profile - elegance and perfect proportions. With this system, PVC windows have won their place in demanding design interventions. An extremely wide range of colors, shapes and surface textures for individual variations enable a recognizable and extremely individualized look of the facade of your building.

Thermal insulation glass installed in the windows of the 88 MD series is a three-layer package made of three single panes in a combination of Low-e and float. The single panes are separated from each other by an innovative "warm edge" molding and the space between the panes is filled with argon. All of the above ensures that the glass that makes up the largest area on the window reaches top values when it comes to thermal insulation.

Since our primary factor is quality, we offer only the profiles from the worlds top brands such as Kommerling, Trocal, Aliplast, and Feal. The quality of our products is recognized in countries across the European Union.

When it comes to distribution we offer the same quality for the domestic and foreign market.

A few facts that put us ahead of others

  • We are the largest manufacturers and exports of the carpentry industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Over 37 years of long tradition and experience in the field of production.

  • The most contemporary machines and associated software solutions in the mentioned field of industry.

  • Certificated production by the SKG Institute.

  • We have an integrated management system that involves ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Number of Chambers


Profile Performance

Uf=0,98 W/(m2K)


Flügel 78 mm Rahmen 74 mm


Ug=0,50 W/(m2K)

Sound Insulation

Rw ≈ 34 dB

Thermal Insulation

Uw=0,75 W/(m2K)

Colors, materials, structural or smooth profiles

88 MD

88 MD is a window system made of PVC profiles with 7 chambers and three levels of sealing.

88 MD


Thermal Isolation

Sound Isolation




Profile specification

Number of chambers