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System with three sealing levels. Inner, middle and outer permanently elastic seals provide a permanently elastic seal between the sash and the frame.

The TERMO 85 system is intended for the production of windows (opening inwards and outwards), doors (opening inwards and outwards) and fixed walls. It is a profile system with a thermal break, with basic installation frame depths of 77 and 85 mm. In addition to the basic frame/wing design with straight lines, frame/wing versions with rounded outer lines are also possible. This system meets the criteria of openings for low-energy houses by applying new materials that have extremely thermally good characteristics. The thermal break is achieved by polyamide strips of low coefficient of thermal conductivity (ʎ = 0.210 W/mK) of 34 mm.

In order to further improve the thermal characteristics of the profile, profiled XPS rods (extruded polystyrene - ʎ = 0.035 W / mK) are installed in the profile chambers and such profiles are given the letter F. The sealing is performed with spongy EPDM which has significantly better thermal properties compared to EPDM seals. Possible types of window opening: hinged, swivel, hinged-swivel, swiveled opening inwards, swivel around the middle axis. Possible types of doors opening: opening inwards and outwards.

The system is compatible with facade systems. Possibility to select profiles with groove 16/13. The hardware that is installed in the system is standard for the 15/20 Eurogroove and the 16/13 groove.

Since our primary factor is quality, we offer only the profiles from the worlds top brands such as Kommerling, Trocal, Aliplast, and Feal. The quality of our products is recognized in countries across the European Union.

When it comes to distribution we offer the same quality for the domestic and foreign market.

A few facts that put us ahead of others

  • We are the largest manufacturers and exports of the carpentry industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

  • Over 37 years of long tradition and experience in the field of production.

  • The most contemporary machines and associated software solutions in the mentioned field of industry.

  • Certificated production by the SKG Institute.

  • We have an integrated management system that involves ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001.

Technical characteristics of the system:

  • frame depth: 77 and 85 mm

  • wing depth: 85 mm

  • depth of the filling: up to 71 mm

  • polyamide strips: 34 mm

  • max wing weight: 130 kg

  • air-permeability: EN 12207 (class 4)

  • watertightness: EN 12208 (class E1200)

  • resistance to wind gusts: EN 12210 (class C5 /B5)

  • noise protection: EN ISO 717 1 (Rw=37 50 dB)

  • antiburglary: EN 1627 (RC2, RC3, RC4)

  • Uw coefficient calculation: DIN EN ISO 10077 2 (≥1,0 Wm²/K)

  • basic material: EN AW-6060

  • polyamide strip material: Low Lambda PA66 GF25

  • sealing material: spongy EPDM

  • surface treatment: DIN 17611

  • quality control: DIN EN ISO 9001

Number of Chambers


Profile Performance

Uf=2,45 W/(m2K)


Flügel 68,5 mm Rahmen 71,5 mm


Ug=1,0 W/(m2K)

Sound Insulation

Rw ≈ 32 dB

Thermal Insulation

Uw=1,58 W/(m2K)

Colors, materials, structural or smooth profiles

Termo 85

System with three sealing levels. Inner, middle and outer permanently elastic seals provide a permanently elastic seal between the sash and the frame.

Termo 85


Thermal Isolation

Sound Isolation




Profile specification

Number of chambers

76 AD


Uf=1,2 W/(m2K)

67 mm

Ug=1,00 W/(m2K)

Rw ≈ 32 dB

78 mm

Uw=1,2 W/(m2K)

76 MD


Uf=1,1 W/(m2K)

78 mm

Ug=1,00 W/(m2K)

Rw ≈ 32 dB

74 mm

Uw=1,1 W/(m2K)

88 MD


Uf=0,98 W/(m2K)

78 mm

Ug=0,50 W/(m2K)

Rw ≈ 34 dB

74 mm

Uw=0,75 W/(m2K)

76 MD AluClip


Uf=1,1 W/(m2K)

78 mm

Ug=0,5 W/(m2K)

Rw ≈ 34 dB

74 mm

Uw=0,78 W/(m2K)