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Wing garage door

Color palette

The still most common and primary color of wing garage doors is white. However, we also offer you the possibility to order gates in all colors included in the RAL color scale.

Built-in window
Windows can be installed in two-wing garage doors, they can have different sizes, shapes or different decorative motifs. Aluminum windows can be installed in gray (aluminum) color or any color according to the RAL scale.
In the garage area, where we are limited by the height and width, where garage lifting and side sliding doors do not suit us, we choose wing garage doors.  We make them to order, you can request a design in any possible color from the RAL scale from our offer,. Door panels are made of galvanized steel sheet with a middle layer of polyurethane 4 cm thick. We can install various windows from our offer into the wing garage door. For more comfort and convenience, we can equip wing garage doors with a remote opening drive, which is mounted on the garage ceiling.
All double-leaf door patterns for garages (except for the pattern "MR" - only smooth surface) you can request in a smooth structure or in the wooden structure "Woodgrain".
Gate pattern
For the final look of your home is also important the appearance of your single or double leaf doors. For the outer appearance you can choose between different patterns and structures.
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