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Sectional garage doors

Gate insulation
Garage door segments are made of galvanized steel sheet, covered with powder coating and additional plasticizing layer. Between the outer and inner steel sheet is tightly injected polyurethane with a thickness of 4 cm. The insulation serves to prevent thermal bridges and thus the condensation of the garage door from the inside.
Built-in window
Windows can be installed in side sectional garage doors, they can have different sizes, shapes or different decorative motifs. Aluminum windows can be installed in gray (aluminum) color or any color according to the RAL scale.
We deliver and install precisely to the existing opening, so that no major construction work is required. Sectional lifting doors, are lifted vertically, pulled under the garage ceiling and move horizontally in space on guides. They are lifted with the help of torsion springs, ball bearing rollers provide a nice and quiet lifting. This way of lifting allows for optimal use of space in the garage, furthermore it allows for close parking in front of the garage. To make it more comfortable and practical for you, we can also install a wicket door for you.
All garage door patterns (except for the pattern "MR" - only smooth surface) you can request in a smooth structure or in the wooden structure "Woodgrain".
Gate pattern
The appearance of your garage door is also important for the final look of your home. We can choose from various patterns and structures of door segments.
Improved gate insulation
As an innovation, in 2015 we presented "Thermalsafe" at the lifting gate for low-energy buildings. The sealing of such doors has been improved by 22%.
Emergency release lock
In case the garage has no other entrance, it is necessary to install an unlocking lock in the garage door. The unlocking lock is available in black and silver color.
For your gate we offer various aluminum designs in standard form, but we can also create them according to your wishes.

Sectional lifting gates are manufactured according to the European standards EN 13241-1, which came into force on 01.05.2005.

They offer:

  • Finger pinch protection

  • Protection against door lowering

Color palette

The primary color for garage doors is still most often white. But, depending on your wish, we also offer all possible colors, which include the RAL color scale or DB colors with special effects.



In addition to all colors according to the RAL scale, we also offer various wood imitations, namely:






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