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Roller garage doors


Properties of the Lamellen

Two-layer ALU slats with the height of 75 mm are filled with polyurethane foam without CFC. The Lamellen are made white or in imitation of wood, but they can also be colored in the colors of the RAL scale. In the role of garage doors can also be installed transparent slats with windows or ventilation mesh.



Features of the motor drive and electronics

The rolling of the Lamellen is provided by a motor tubular drive 230 V. The roller garage door is controlled by remote control or by button on the control cabinet from the inside. In case of power failure, the door can be opened by means of a rotation lever.

Safe operation is ensured by the contact gate closing edge in the lower rubber, for additional protection a photocell can also be used in the gate line.
The roller garage doors offer great comfort. We control them by remote control and an internal circuit. They are installed in garages, where space or work specific, the installation of a sectional lifting door is not possible.
  • Roller garage doors have a beautiful appearance, so they will also beautify the look of your home.

  • Roller garage doors have a modern shape, provide thermal and sound insulation.

  • For operation they do not require much space.

  • The cover of the winding drum hides the roller and provides a beautiful appearance.

  • Provides protection against burglary.

Technical data

The roller garage doors are composed of extruded ALU guides, metal winding roller, ALU slats and the protective housing for the winding roller.

The roller garage doors can be installed from the inside or outside of the opening. Sealing of the doors is provided by gaskets in the side guides and rubber gasket on the bottom edge of the slats.

The required space on the beam for the installation of the roller garage door is from 35 to 42 cm, for larger dimensions up to 15 m2. On the side, 12 cm are necessary for each guide side and bracket.

Maintenance of roller garage doors is very simple, periodic inspection and lubrication of moving parts of the winding drum is enough.
Roller garage doors
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