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Pass door (passage door)

In order to provide you with more comfort, we install personal doors in the garage door, which can be installed already at a minimum opening height of 1.9 meters. Door in door can be installed in all patterns from our offer (cassettes, lamellas, smooth, wood imitation ...). Also the position of the door, as well as the direction of opening can be made according to your wishes. Another advantage of our wicket doors is that the outer aluminum frame of the wicket door is always the same color of the whole lifting door. The leaf of the door is equipped with automatic self-closing, the threshold with a thickness of 2 cm is made of stainless inox steel.
Minimum height
For the gates with wicket doors, we have reduced the threshold to a minimum height of 2 cm, so that passage is facilitated by bicycle, wheelbarrows, wheelchairs, etc.
Advantages of wicket doors
  • Possibility of installation already with a minimum height of the wicket door of 1.9 m.

  • No matter at which place in the lifting door the installation is made (left, in the middle, right),

  • no matter which way of opening the door leaf (left or right),

  • the outer aluminum wicket door frame is always in the same color as the lifting gate,

  •  invisible door fitting,

  • low door threshold (2cm).

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