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Sides - sectional doors


The side sliding garage doors are made in accordance with the strict European standards 13241-1, which prescribe the presence of finger pinch protection.

Color palette

The primary color used for industrial doors is still the white color. However, depending on your request, we offer all color options recorded on the RAL scale or DB colors with special effects.

Built-in window
Windows can be installed in side sectional garage doors, they can have different sizes, shapes or different decorative motifs. Aluminum windows can be installed in gray (aluminum) color or any color according to the RAL scale.
The side sectional doors are particularly suitable for low garages or for garages that have obstacles inside on the ceiling. This may be a variety of pipes, crossbars or lighting fixtures, which hinder the lifting door to move under the garage ceiling. We make them to order, deliver and install directly to the already existing opening, so that construction work is not necessary.
All garage door patterns (except for the pattern "MR" - only smooth surface) you can request in a smooth structure or in the wooden structure "Woodgrain".
Design and guide run
During the installation of the bottom guide is not necessary to do any construction work. It is simply attached to the already created floor. The door can be opened on the left or right side of the garage wall, maintaining the optimal use of space in and in front of the garage.
Emergency release lock
In case the garage has no other entrance, it is necessary to install an unlocking lock in the side garage door. The unlocking lock allows you to unlock the garage door from the outside, even if the opening by the electric drive is not possible (in case of power failure). The unlocking lock is available in black and silver color.
Gate pattern
The appearance of your garage door is also important for the final look of your home. We can choose from various patterns and structures of door segments.
Dichtung und Isolierung

Seitentore von MKL haben verbesserte Abdichtung. Das Tor ist auf drei Seiten mit einer Gummidichtung positioniert, wodurch eine bessere Abdichtung als mit Bürstendichtungen erzielt wurde. Auf der unteren Seite ist eine Bürstendichtunge befestigt, wegen leichteren Bewegen des Tores.

Die Segmente vom Garagentor sind aus verzinktem Stahl und einer Polyurethanmasse als mittlere Isolierung mit einer Dicke von 4cm, erstellt.

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